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Star Trek Voyager    
The Ship

General Infomation

Full Title: United Starship Voyager, NCC-74656 (Naval Construction Contract 74656)
Class: Intrepid-class ship
Created: One of four as of 48315.6 and was commissioned on stardate 48038.5 (year 2371)
Total Length: 344 metres
Total Width: 130 metres
Total Height: 63 metres
Total Weight: 700,000 tonnes
Maximum Speed: Warp-factor 9.975
Decks: 15
Standard Crew Complements: 150 (175 max), Officers: 30, Enlisted: 120, VIPs: 5 available, Passengers: 20 (available)

Facilities and Technology

 The Suttle Bay
The shuttle bay is used for launching and recovering of shuttle-crafts. Voyagers shuttlebay is located on Deck 10

Navigational Deflectors
This is a force-beam that is used to push aside debris- meteroids, microscopic particulates, and other objects that might collide when in warp or travelling through space with the ship. On an Intrepid-class starships, the power of a transporter signal could be boosted by tying the transporter system directly into the navigational deflector.

Escape Pods
These are like small vessels or you could describe them as small lifeboat s that is used to evacuate a vessel when commanded. These life boats could be ejected from a starship when needed. Voyager has only used its escape pods when Captain Janeway believed that the Voyager could not sustain life any longer when the ship was attacked by the Krenims.

Photon Torpedoes
This is a tactical weapon used by Federation Starships.The completed casing measures 2.1 x 0.76 x 0.45 meters and masses 247.5 kilograms dry weight. Photon Torpedoes are self-propelled missiles containing a small quantity of matter and antimatter bounded together in a magnetic bottle. It is launched at warp speed at a target. They are not limited by the speed of light. The warhead can be removed from a Photon torpedo, leaving a small, high-speed missile that can be used as an instrumental probe, to transport small objects and even for burials in space. Voyager is equipped with type-6 photon torpedoes.


Transporters are matter-energy conversion devices that take an object or being and transform it into a pattern of phased energy that can be transmitted as a complex trans-barrier signal through the first-level subspace (hyper-space) domain to a set of desired coordinates and then retransformed into its orginal form.

Maneuvering Thrusters

Low-power reation-control jets used for fine postional and altitude control by starships and other spacecraft. Used in low-speed docking maneuvers and similar situations.

Replicators use the same technology as transporters. They use more energy because they create new objects rather than manipulate existing objects. An object is sampled at a molecular rather than quantum level. The computer then applies a lossy compression algortihm to save computer memory. This gives the computer a pattern from which to produce copies. Voyager keeps a small supply of recycled bulk material from which to create new objects. A waveguide conduit system sends bulk material to the replicator, which reforms it into the requested objects, then it transmits the new object to the terminal.

Crystalline substance used in warp propulsion systems aboard starships. Dilithium regulates the matter/antimatter reactions that provide the energy necessary to warp space and travel faster than light. Naturally occurring dilithium is extremely rare and is mined on only a few planets. Until the advent of recrystalisation techniques that permitted the production of synthetic dilithium, the crystals were among the most valuable substances in the galaxy. In 2372, the Voyager crew discovered a new format of dilithium that remained at a much higher warp frequency.

Pictures Of Inside Of Voyager



Briefing Room


Ready Room


Main Engineering


Astrometrics Lab