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Star Trek Voyager    


Deck 1
The Main Bridge, the brain of the ship.
The Captain's Ready Room is right of the bridge.
The Briefing Room is located at the left of the bridge.
Escape Pod Access
Aft Bridge Airlock
Upper Sensor Platform
Deck 2
Mess Hall
The Mess Hall is where the crew eats. It is a dining facility. The Captain's Private Dining Room is here but Neelix has taken Captain Janeway's Private Dining Room and turned it into a kitchen. Here he cooks creative dishes for the crew to try.
Laboratories and Storage area
Sensor Gear
Escape Pod Access
Deck 3
Captain's Quarter
VIP and other crew members quarters
Photon Torpedo Launchers System
Deck 4
The Transporter Room is located here- it has a 2 personnel transporter and 2 cargo transporters. There is also four small emergency evacuation Transporters available for one way transport of the ship only.
Phaser Maintenance
Sensor Gear
Escape Pod Access
Deck 5
Sickbay is located here. On Voyager, a holographic doctor takes care of the wounded.
Sensor Gear
Escape Pod Access
Deck 6
Holodecks- There are two holodecks on the Voyager. This facility provides the crew recreation with simulations to enjoy. This recreational facility also help with training and exercise.
Armory is found on this deck.
Auxiliary Deflector
Auxiliary Computer Core
Escape Pod Access
Deuterium (Matter) Processing
Consumables Resupply Connectors
Ensign Harry Kim's quarters.
Deck 7
Security Personnel's quarters are located here when they were moved from Deck 9 an infection in the gel pack, needing Deck 9 to be shutdown.
Auxiliary Computer Core
Upper Cargo Bays 1 & 2
Thruster Access
Escape Pod Access
Deuterium Tankage
Warp Engine Core Injector Access
Hargrove's and Lieutenant Lota's quarters.
Deck 8
Deuterium Processing
Port/Starboard/Forward Docking Ports
ODN/EPS Main Trunks
Lower Cargo Bays 1 & 2
Warp Engine Core
Aft Work Pod Storage
Kes's quarters.
Deck 9
Cargo Loading Doors
Upper main Shuttle bay
Deck 10
Main Shuttle Ramp
Shuttlebay & Additional Cargo Bays
Forward Photon Torpedo Launcher
Primary Computer Core
Warp Core
Main Navigational Deflector
Secondary Warp Core
Deck 11
Main Engneering
Voyager's warp drive system is here.
Main Computer Core
Main Navigational Deflector
Deck 12
Navigational Control- Section B-7
Antimatter Tankage
Warp Engine Core
Reserve Warp Engine Core
Escape Pod Access
Deck 13
Main Deflector.
Aft tractor beam
Escape Pods
Secondary ODN/EPS conduits
Deck 14
Reserve Warp Engine Core
Escape Pod Access Systems
Ground Hover Footpad
Antimatter Processing
Deck 15
Ground Hover Footpads
Antimatter Loading Port
Forward Tractor Beam Emitter